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Classic Circular Diamond Pattern Area Rug


Image of Classic Circular Diamond Pattern Area Rug


9 X 12

8 X10

6 X 9

5 X 8

4 X 6

3 X 5

2 X 3

2.5X 8

2.5 X 6


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Simple yet ornate, this rug is just the piece you’ve been looking for to complete your space. Designed with a circular pattern in a gray and cream color combination to bring a sophisticated feel to any room in your home. With durable cotton backing and a simple maintenance routine, this rug was constructed specifically for use in the busiest areas of your home. Plus, the low pile height is easy to vacuum making it perfect for use in your living room, dining room, bedroom, or hallway. Nine different size options and a classic pattern make this rug the perfect versatile piece to enhance your living space.


Sophisticated Feel

Whether you see circles or flowers, this rug was designed to create a classically sophisticated feel and add the perfect amount of visual interest and texture to any room in your home.

Several Sizes

This rug is available in nine different sizes to perfectly complete any area of your home. Choose a large size rug for main living spaces, a medium size rug for more compact spaces like a dining room, and a small rug for hallways or doorways.

Short Pile

Constructed to beautifully adorn the high traffic areas of your home, this rug has a low, 8 mm, pile height to stay looking good through even the busiest days, weeks, months, and years.


Thanks to the shorter pile height, this rug can easily be vacuumed with the rest or your home. Be sure to use a vacuum without a bristle or beater bar and spot clean spills immediately to keep your rug looking like new.


Limited Warranty

Limited warranty covers defects in material or workmanship with certain exceptions. Warranty coverage begins at date of purchase and applies to original purchaser only. At its discretion, the company will repair, replace or refund any product that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship.

How to get Service

Email [email protected] to submit your warranty claim. Please keep your receipt so that we may process your warranty request.


Care Instructions

Clean spills immediately. Blot with a clean sponge or cloth for best results, avoid scrubbing. Vacuum carefully using a vacuum without a beater or bristle bar.


Size Length (Inches) Width (Inches) Height (Inches)
9 X 12 144 108 -
8 X10 120 96 -
6 X 9 108 72 -
5 X 8 96 60 -
4 X 6 72 48 -
3 X 5 60 36 -
2 X 3 36 24 -
2.5X 8 96 30 -
2.5 X 6 84 30 -